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We offer several programs to meet your family’s needs. Full-time and Part-time schedules available.

Morning with
Lunch Bunch:
8am – noon

Morning with
Extended Day Option:
8am – 3pm

Morning with
Late Owls:
8am – 6pm

Afternoon Options:
12 – 6pm

or 3pm – 6pm


Circle Time

Circle Time is a time when the children and teacher come together to say good hello and get the day started. During this time your child will sing a good morning song, play a “getting to know each other” activity, have time to share, as well as do our themed read alouds and activities together. This routine is an important element in our day, for it allows the children the opportunity to sit together and get to know each other a little better.


We provide students with a variety of healthy, organic snack choices everyday. We encourage the children to take this opportunity to be very self-sufficient. The children take the initiative to help set up their table by passing out napkins, plates, and cups. The children also make their snack choices independently as well as serve themselves. By doing these tasks independently it allows the children to feel proud and gain self-esteem.

Learning Rotations

Learning rotations is a time when your child will rotate through a fifty minute language arts lesson or math lesson. During each lesson your child will learn a new concept or skill which is explicitly taught in a 10 minute mini-lesson. Following the mini-lesson your child will have the chance to participate in a hands-on project aligning with the learned standard or choose an independent center where he/she will practice using their new skill. This time allows your child to learn the concepts and skills that will prepare them for their transition into kindergarten.

Outdoor Exploration

The outdoor exploration is an important time when your child has the freedom to choose any activity he/she wants to do on our playground. Your child will have a variety of activities to choose from each day. Our outdoor activities may include riding tricycles, climbing on the jungle gym, working in the garden, painting at the easels, exploring at the water and sand tables, hunting for bugs using our bug catchers, blowing and observing bubbles, or just socializing with their friends. The teachers at Young Minds Learning Academy also use the outdoor time to invite students to participate in a new art activity or science experiment.


Young Minds Preschool offers 5 days of enrichment which includes, but is not limited to: cooking, art, science, music, and movement classes!  Each class gets a 35-minute rotation with a different enrichment class each day!

Indoor Exploration

Our indoor exploration time allows your child to choose any activity he/she wishes to do inside of the classroom. Every week the teachers at Young Minds Learning Academy create an assortment of engaging activities for your child to choose from. Your child may have the opportunity to play dress-up with friends, construct a castle out of blocks, use face paint to transform into a lion, use a magnifying glass to observe our butterflies, or they may choose to work on a puzzle with a friend. Indoor exploration is a time when your child can be free to make their own choices and work on activities that meet the interests your child may have.